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Youtube is one of the most popular platforms among users for watching videos of different genres. But it doesn’t provide access to download the official music or video. We can only see the downloaded songs and videos on the platform itself. Our youtube to Mp3 converter is free and easy to use. That’s why it is one of the best solutions in comparison to other Mp3 converters available online. It has many features that make its user experience more impressive.

Features of Youtube to Mp3 Downloader

Everything is digital nowadays. With this, all we want is to get access to all the music and videos easily on all devices. As Youtube is the greatest video-sharing platform in the world and we can easily watch videos on Youtube. But we can’t download the songs and videos in Mp3 format. We always look for Youtube to Mp3 converter online so that is easy to download and gives the best audio quality. So, This youtube to Mp3 is the ultimate solution to your problem and provides the following features:


Our downloader is free and you don’t have to register to convert youtube to Mp3. There are many converters available online that surely ask you to give your personal details for registration. And in this process, there are chances of misuse of personal information. Most users avoid these types of sites. So on this site, you can access the converter without any registration.

This is a simple tool but has a great impact as a downloading solution. You don’t require a high knowledge to use this solution. It is very easy to use. It is a simplified solution if you want to download youtube to Mp3 video and audio formats. In addition, you can also download podcasts of the Mp3 songs which you like the most. 

Compatible with all browsers

Youtube to Mp3 is the best and most reliable source among the other downloaders available in the market. What makes it unique is that it is very compatible and can be accessed through all the browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many more. Also, it can be used through different devices like PC, phones, and, tablets.

High Downloading Speed

Youtube to Mp3 offers high speed as compared to other converters and that’s why it is liked by its users. Sometimes, it is very annoying as a user if the downloading takes time. And obviously, you will not prefer that tool if the services are time taking. But if we talk about this converter, the overall downloading process is very easy and you can easily access your favorite music and podcasts in Mp3 format.

Convert for free

There are many converters available online that only allow converting your youtube to Mp3 if you have subscribed to their services. But the converter that you will find here is completely free and even there is no limit if you convert many videos in one go. Convert and download according to you and enjoy the music.

Conversion Speed

What every user really want is the good conversion speed of the tool. If the conversion speed is low and it is taking a lot of time to convert, then you will surely leave that site as it will ultimately spoil your mood. Spending more time just to convert it into Mp3 wastes a lot of time. For this, you need a high-speed Mp3 converter. This tool can convert your video into Mp3 in a few seconds. But it majorly depends on the length of the video. So, use this converter and save your time by downloading it in seconds.

Audio quality

Audio quality is the first thing that the user wants to be in a good listening state. There are many resolutions in which the Mp3 converter provides audio such as low, medium, and high-quality forms. This quality also implies the storage of the audio as the more high quality, the more the storage. So, high qualities audios are soothing to the ears that’s why all the converting mp3s will download in high audio quality for the best user experience.

Supported formats

You can convert the youtube videos as many as you want to Mp3 formats. There are no restrictions on converting it to Mp3. The Mp3 is the standard output format that is also every user’s choice. There are many other formats that are also available but Mp3 is among the best and this format provides good quality audio and supports all devices and browsers.

Benefits of Youtube to MP3 Downloader

Many people want to download youtube videos in MP3 format so that they can enjoy the music and podcasts offline without any problems like a poor network which eventually impacts the loading speed of the content. So, if you use this downloader, you will get the following benefits;

1. Unlimited downloads

Youtube to MP3 site guarantees you unlimited downloads without any restriction. You can download the files of both audio and video formats on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. You just have to open the site, paste the link and download it without any cost. The profit is only generated through the advertisement. That’s why there is no cost to downloading.

2. High-Quality audio & video formats

This youtube to Mp3 site supports high-quality audio and video formats so that you can enjoy every bit of it without any mood spoilers. Seeing movies or listening to a song in your free time and traveling is a very good experience but if your favorite videos and audio are downloaded in low-quality formats then you will not that happy and it will spoil your mood. But here you don’t have to worry about that. Also, this is what every user wants and we are providing it without taking any cost.

3. Security

Security questions always arise when we talk about free tools. But the bonus point is you don’t have to register on the site to download. You don’t have to enter any personal details. So there is no chance of storing any personal data of yours. So, it is safe for the users and they can convert their youtube to mp3 without any fear of storing their data. 

4. Supportive on all devices

This tool only runs in the browser and you can open it on any device like on your smartphones, laptops, pcs, and tablets. Also, it is compatible with all browsers. You can convert in mp3 formats by just entering the particular link of the video you want to convert and you will get your file in a fraction of a second.

5. Reliable Source

It is very reliable to use. You can get your audio and video formats without any viruses. This is safe and you will get quality content free of cost without any registration.

6. High-download speed

As you don’t need to register on this site, so there will be no hindrance in downloading your music and podcasts in mp3 formats. You can get your mp3 format in seconds after you enter the link. And you can enjoy your music online.

Audio Quality Of MP3 Converter

While downloading the audio this is one of the most important factors that which quality you are getting. However, this is difficult to find a site that is providing audio with high quality and that will be for free. But if you are choosing Youtube over Mp3 then you are getting these benefits.

Conversion Of Video To Mp3 Quality

We never want to compromise with the quality. Because if you have to listen to the audio at a high quality so how you can compromise the quality when you are only listening to the audio? Thus there are options for you so that you can choose the quality according to your will.If you are converting the video from our site then you will find there is a compromise with the sound quality.


There are any users we are having. And we love when you are sharing your view and feedback with us. Because this is telling us the things which we should change so that we can be better and upgraded with the market. According to the demand of the many well-wishing users who are trying to upgrade our site. 

You will get multiple quality like 32kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps, etc. These are the multiple options that will help you to have the best quality for you.

Quality Note

Technically we have observed several factors. But from our, we are checking different things. According to that, we have sent the note to the other sites also. Because there is a mismatch between the things and the information. 

Technically youtube is not providing the sound of the 320Kbps. But many sites are providing this quality. Because technically if you convert the audio of the 128kbps to the 320kbps it will increase the file size. Which will tell you the quality is increasing but just the size of the video is increasing. Not the quality of the audio which you are going to download.


Technically this is for better service.  Because of this limitation, there is not so much load on the server and easily you can convert the video to audio in just 25 to 30 seconds. Even if the video is 5 minutes long. Thus, it can be a limitation but on the second hand, this is for your convenience. 

Why do people prefer Youtube to MP3 Converter?

As there are many streaming apps available in the market. But the demand for the mp3 converter is still high among users. There are many reasons behind it which include:

1. Availability of music offline

If you are a traveling person or you went to a place where you don’t have the access to the internet. So, how will spend your time? Music is the key to enjoyment. Music is necessary for your trip. So, if you have the downloaded music you can also access it if you are in no network zone. It will be satisfactory for a user as they are getting their favorite music offline without any barriers.

2. Free access to music

There are many sites from which you can listen to your favorite music. But they didn’t provide the downloading services for free. You have to pay a cost for it. We always look for alternatives so that we don’t have to pay for them. Youtube to MP3 downloaders are the best alternatives to download music, podcasts, and many more for free. 

If you have free access to anything, one question always arises is it safe? We know it’s quite irritating when you want to download something and the ads pop up. But this youtube to mp3 is safe and user-friendly. You can access your favorite music and podcasts without any cost and also without any limit to it.

3. Stream in the background

Youtube is the best platform but it is irritating when we are not able to scroll through other social media or we can’t reply to texts, or even scroll other platforms while listening to music. As we all know that if the notification comes and we click on that, the video gets paused automatically. Also on youtube, you have to shuffle the songs to get the exact playlist you want. That’s why people prefer youtube to mp3 downloaders so that you can easily make a playlist of the songs you love to listen to the most. And it will stream in the background also. You can stream other social media platforms while listening to your offline playlist.

4. Loading Speed

A poor network decreases the loading speed which eventually spoils the mood. When you convert youtube videos to Mp3, the bandwidth of the particular file decreases, which helps in increasing the loading speed. And the availability of music offline will not lead to any disturbance while listening to the favorite ones. This will save you time and you can enjoy it anytime.

5. Flexible Format

If we compare the formats, the MP4 format is not that flexible when you are using it on the phone. MP3 is a much better version than MP4. This will allow mobile devices to download the format without any interruptions. Mp3 doesn’t damage the quality of the videos and it will also not take much of your storage. Usually, users use this MP3 format to save space on their mobile and also retain the same quality of the audio. This will not waste any of your time and you can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

Steps to convert Youtube to Mp3

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can convert youtube music and videos to Mp3. There are many to convert it and we have mentioned all of them below:

1. For Mobile User

If you have a smartphone, you can easily convert it through the browser. For this:

  • First, open the youtube app, or also you can open it in the browser.
  • Then Click on the video you want to convert into Mp3.
  • There is a share icon available on the right side the like or dislike option.
  • Click on the Share icon.
  • Then a dialog box will appear showing copy the link option
  • Copy the link from the copy icon.
  • Then open our youtube to Mp3 converter.
  • Paste the link that you have copied in the converter box.
  • Then click on the Convert Icon.
  • And Click download.

After the download is complete, you can play your respective video or audio formats on your smartphone.

2. For Desktop Users

If you want to convert youtube to Mp3 on a desktop, there are steps that you can easily follow and listen to your converted Mp3 files:

  • First, Visit on the browser.
  • Click on the video you want to convert through Mp3. 
  • Copy the link which you want to download through the share button.
  • Or you can also copy the link by clicking on the URL of the video.
  • After selecting the URL, press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the link.
  • Then paste it into the converter.
  • Click download

When the download is complete, a play status button will display over the converted file. Click on it to play it on the desktop.


Does this downloader work on android devices?

Yes, this Youtuber to Mp3 converter works on all android devices. Not only Android, but also works on desktops, tablets, and iPhones. You can open this converter on devices through any browser.

Does it require any Software to download?

No, it doesn’t need any software to install on the desktop. Moreover, if you using your mobile phone, then also you don’t have to install any app to convert the video the Mp3 format. You just have to copy the link, paste it on the converter, download it and listen to the songs offline.

Is this site secure?

Yes, Security is a must while using any tool from the browser. As of now, we are growing digitally and these days piracy breaching cases are increasing. And accessing an account is easy to access. But while using this tool, you don’t have to register yourself to download. That’s why it is safe as there will be no sharing of personal data in this case. In addition to this, it happened to many users that there is a virus attack when they download the Mp3s from the converters. So, this site guarantees a safe and secure experience for the user without any information leakage or virus attack.

How many files you can download from this converter?

This youtube to Mp3 converter is a free tool and this tool allows the user to download several downloads with no restrictions. You can download as many files as you want. And also it will not hamper the audio quality. There is an option, the three dots which you can see at the top right to it. From there you can select the audio quality and then go to the download icon and complete your step to download the audio.

Is There Any Subscription That I Need To Take?

However, it is not like the other platforms where you need to fill out your details. And after that first you need to take the subscription and then you are allowed to take the subscription. It is a completely free platform for you where you can get high-quality audio.

Without any subscription, you can get services of premium quality. Thus, you don’t need to take a subscription to youtube for mp3. Just you need to open the site and paste the link there if you want to choose the audio quality. So, you can choose that according to your choices. Then simply you can download the audio. Without any minimum or maximum limit of the no of audio. So, get your favorite audio to your phone easily.

Does This Site Also Work For iPhone Users?

Because it is a secure network so you can use the site on the iPhone also. For this purpose, you just need to copy the link first from youtube. After that, you just need to paste the link to the site by searching for the name on the browser. Thus you will get the notification that hurrays! Your audio file is completely downloaded.