Steps To Download Youtube Video To Mp3

Youtube Video To Mp3

While using a new platform Youtube Video To Mp3 sometimes we are facing some issues to use. Before using the platform there are a few things that are coming to our mind. Like is it a secure site? Is this platform really free? Can I get the free excess or need to take the subscription? So, feel free because you are using the secured network. And getting the best facility at no charge.

Also, there will be not so many interrupting ads, or videos which will use your data. So, why lose a chance if you are getting all the premium facilities for free Youtube Video To Mp3? Follow the below-mentioned steps and get unlimited excess to download your favorite audio.

Download The Audio In Android From Youtube To M3

However, there are different features on the site and the site is especially to be for user-friendly. Like you can choose the sound quality and the storage according to your requirement. So, you can download the videos in no limited quantities on Youtube Video To Mp3.  

Steps To Download Audio From Youtube To Mp3 On Android

Here, are some simple step-by-step guides for you to download the audio. And for this, you don’t need to download any app or anything. However, there is no need to follow the complicated method to download it:

#Step-1: Open The Youtube

To download the audio of the video. You need to have the link or the URL of the video. So, that you can get the exact audio with the same quality of that. For this purpose, first android users are getting the application named “Youtube”. You need to go to it and open it first. Then you can move to the next step.

#Step-2: Search The Video

When you have just opened youtube you can see there are multiple videos there. On top of it, there are different options for you. To get the link to the desired video you need to search for the name of the video. If you have forgotten the name of the exact video so you can go to the history also. There you can see the video from here also you can click on the video. Pause the video and move to the next step.

#Step-3: Go To The Share Option & Copy The Link

At the bottom of the video, you can see there are many options. Like the option for the like and also for the dislike the video and many more. After that, you can see there is an arrow which is the share option. It is the exact place from where you will get the link to the video. 

Once you click on the share option there are multiple options like sharing through Whatsapp, insta, or the other social media platforms which you are having with you. You just need to scroll it and choose the copy link option.

#Step 4: Go To Google & Search Youtube to mp3

Now you are ready with your desired link and ready to come to the youtube to mp3 site. Although, you just need to search the name of our site. Be careful to check the different links it should be the exact name of the youtube to mp3. Once you get the exact link click on it and be ready to get the audio in a few seconds.

#Step 5: Paste The URL In Given Box

When you have just clicked on the URL. And opening the site you will see there is a dialogue box which is having the option to paste the link. Click on the box you will get the keyboard then paste the link there.

#Step 6: Choose the Quality

However, there are different options for sound quality. But you also know the high quality need to have more storage of your phone also. So, download the audio according to that and choose the right quality. 

#Step 7: Click On the Download Icon

It is the last step to download the audio. Where you are just left with the download option. So click on it and found your audio is started to download. You will also get a notification about it. Hurray! your audio is ready to listen to.

Download The Audio On Computer/laptop From Youtube To M3

This is different from the mobile because in the mobile we are getting the youtube app. But automatically that application is not there on the laptop or on the computer. So, there are two options for you. If you previously used youtube on a laptop or on the computer so you also know that either you need to download the application or you can directly use the Youtube Video To Mp3 feature from google. For this, you need to go to the browser and search youtube first you will get the official site. From there you will get the video whose audio you want to download. 

Steps To Download Audio From Youtube To Mp3 On Computer/Laptop

However, the process to download the audio on the laptop or on the computer is slightly similar to the downloading in the mobile application. The site is user-friendly and easily you can use the features.

#Step 1: Open The Chrome/ Other Browser & Search Youtube

To open youtube on a laptop or on a computer there are two options. The first is from the application and the second one is from the website. Here are the simple steps for both ways, so that you can prefer according to your choices.

Get Youtube Application In Laptop/ Desktop

Just like the mobile phone you are not getting the application on the laptop or desktop. For that, you need to download it from any browser you are using. To download the youtube you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the browser
  • Search the youtube app for the window…(right the current window you are using like window 11)
  • Click on the given link
  • Go to the download option and download the app
  • Once it gets downloaded you will get a notification on your screen.
Using Youtube Through The Website

Somewhere this is the better way to use the youtube feature on your desktop or laptop. Because if you are downloading the application then it will also acquire some space. Most people are choosing the official site youtube to watch videos. So you need to just go to the browser and search youtube thana you will get the official site. From there you will be able to get the link after following the below steps for Youtube Video To Mp3.

#Step 2: Search The Video

Once you are on youtube, now you are getting many options. There are many videos that are shown to you. At the top of it, you will be able to see there is a search bar where you can write the name of the video. Now you need to click on the video.

#Step 3: Go To The Share Option & Copy The Link

Once you have clicked on the video you see the video is starting to play. Below the video you can see there are multiple options for example like, and dislike, and then there will be and curve which is of the share option. 

However, it is used for the sharing of videos through different platforms. But after the icon of the different social media options, you will be able to see the option of a copy link. You need to click on it so that the link will be copied. If you are not able to get the copy link option so you by selecting the complete link and then press Ctrl+C. Then also the link will be copied for you.

#Step 4: Go To Google & Search Youtube to mp3

Now you are ready to paste this link and get the audio. For it, you also have to go to the browser and search the site name youtube to mP3 converter. And you need to open the site while clicking there.

#Step 5: Paste The URL In Given Box

Once you are coming to the site you will get a pop-up box. Where you can see the space to paste the link. To paste the link you need to click on it and then you are getting the cursor to type. There you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+V” or if you want to use the mouse so you can right-click there. And then select the paste option.

#Step 6: Choose the Quality

Now there are options at the right of it. By clicking the three dots you are able to get the different sound quality options. So choose the suitable quality for you and then you can move to the next step. 

#Step 7: Click On the Download Icon

Once you have done all the steps you will get the download option. Without any interruption. Hurray! Your audio has been downloaded. And now you are ready to get the notification or you can check in the storage.

How To Check The Audio Is Downloaded Completely?

This is the general quarry if my video is downloaded so can I check it? Or where can I see my downloaded video? So, if you have downloaded the video just now you will definitely get the notification off it. There you can click and listen to your audio. If you have downloaded this previously, you can go to the downloads option.

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