How To Convert Youtube Video To Mp3 Using VPN

Convert Youtube Video To Mp3

Sometimes while using any site we are facing the problem to download the audio file. This is because maybe we are not having a connection that is secure or easy for the Site. In short, the location may become another factor. These all are not depending on you they just belong to the site and the server error this is not your part for this. For these purposes, we need to use the VPN. But the question which comes to our mind is how to convert youtube videos to MP3 using the VPN.

For this here is the step-by-step guide for you that helps you to convert the youtube video to an MP3 converter. Also, there is no specific category for the VPN for you any VPN you can use for this.

Step#1 On The VPN

If you want to use the VPN there will be no error regarding the location or something. Or in many cases when we want to hide our location. Also, we are using the VPN in these cases. So, in the very first step, you need to open or enable the VPN so that your location will not be gathered by the source. 

There is no specific with you that you need to choose the specific type of VPN for this. Just as per the safety concern use the secure and easy-to-use network. So, that it will not hamper your device. Thus you will feel free for it. There are some paid versions also if you are using them then also there is no issue with that. So, go to the extension and enable that VPN, and you are ready to move to the next step.

Step#2 Open The Youtube And Search The Video

Once you see the VPN Is enabled you are ready to paste the link to the site. But before visiting the site this is important for you to copy the link to that video. For this purpose, you need to go to Youtube and get the link to the video. So you need to follow these steps.

Step#3 Copy The Link To Video

When you go to the interface of the youtube video. Directly you will not be able to get the link. So, first, you need to pause the video and then you will see at the bottom there is a like and dislike option. When you swipe it right you will see there is copy link option. In short, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to youtube
  • Search the video name
  • Pause the video
  • Go to the bottom
  • Click on the share button
  • Scroll right
  • Copy the link

Step#4 Go To Google Or Browser

Once the VPN is open you are ready to work on the site. And easily you can access the site or the movie to download that specific file. For this, you can choose any browser which is there on your device. Like chrome, google, or any other but make sure in that same browser you have enabled the VPN. Then only you will be able to use it otherwise you will feel that after enabling the VPN than also you are not able to use the VPN there. 

Step#5 Search The Site & Open It

In this step, you need to search for the site name in the search bar. This is the site that you will go to use to convert the youtube video to the mp3. When you are searching for the name of it. You will find there are many relatable sites for you so be specific to use the site which you already use for it. Now you need to move to the next step.

Step#6 Paste The Link

You will see there is a search bar where you need to paste the link. Which is have just copied in the previous step. Thus You need to hold there and then click on the paste option. Then the link will be going to be pasted there. Also, you will see the preview of the video which is there for you so that it will confirm to you that this is the same video file whose video you want to download.

Step#7 Click On The Download Button To Download

Now you have so many options once you click on the three dots. They are for the language quality and other things. Selecting the specific one which is up to you. You will be able to see the changes to your audio file. Once you feel that all the options are set in a good manner you are ready to download the audio file. Simultaneously at the notification, you will see the audio is downloaded.

Quick Steps To Convert The Youtube To MP3 Using VPN

  • Go to the browser
  • Turn on the VPN you are using
  • Go to the youtube
  • Swipe to the bottom of the video
  • Click on the share option
  • Swipe to the right
  • Click on the copy link option
  • Come back to the browser
  • Now search the name of the site
  • Choose the right site
  • Go to the search bar of the site
  • Paste the link there
  • Select the other features according what  to you
  • Now click on the download option


VPN is one of the most common extensions which we are using due to the many of its benefits. There is no hindrance to the concept when you convert a youtube video to mp3t o an Mp3 file. Thus it is an easy formula for you to download the movie from the same source. It is just a helpful tool for you, not an obstacle for it. 

Just you need to be very careful with the thing that in the same browser you have a switch on the extension. You need to search the site and then work on it. Then only you will be able to get the right use of the VPN to the site. Also, this applies to paid sites.

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