How To Download Youtube Music To Mp3 File For Free

How To Download Youtube Music To Mp3 File For Free
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Music is kind of a mood booster for us which is necessary to be there with us. In all the different phases of life, we need to listen to them. Doesn’t matter how bad or good the day is. We just love to do the work when we are with the music. Many times this is when we are listening to music but there is the ad interruption which is why we are feeling irritated. The simple solution for this is to download the music. But How to download youtube music to the mp3 file for free?

However, there are many sites and different platforms that are providing this service. But most of them are their pros and cons. This is why maybe we are not able to use them some of the most common reasons are that they are paid, and maybe they are not having the facility to download HD-quality music. Thus, here is the guidance for you so that you can get the music for free.

Step1: Choosing The Youtube Video

In the first step, you need to have the youtube video which you want to convert to an mp3 file. However, to download the file there are a few things for them we have to be careful for. Like when you are choosing the video be careful to check the quality of the audio first. Because technically there is no option to increase the quality of the video. Thus we should have to get high-quality the youtube video. For this, you can go to the setting and then check this on youtube. 

However, if there is any kind of low quality to this so you can choose another one. Because having the same audio there are different videos. Thus, when you have chosen the right video you are ready to go to the next step.

Step2: Copying Link Of Youtube Video

In this step, you need to open the video by clicking on it. In case you are finding there is a different video or it was not the one that you want to convert to the audio file. Then you can go to the history column because there will be the same audio file whose audio you want to download. Once the right video has started you are ready to copy the link to the video. For this, you need to go to the bottom of the video. 

There you will see many options like like, dislike share, etc. On the next, you will get the option to copy the link to the youtube video. This is the important link which is how you can convert the youtube video to an mp3 file. Thus once you are ready with the link you need to move to the next step. 

Step3: Open The Youtube To MP3 Converter

Now you need to go to the browser anyone which you are already using on your device. Like chrome or firefox, google, etc. If you are working on your computer then also you can choose anyone which you want to choose. Thus, There will be a search bar here you need to paste the link of the video which you have copied from youtube to convert it to an mp3 file. 

Be careful to choose the right site because when you will search the youtube to mp3 converter. There are many options that will display to you. These are the different sites, and some of them are paid also. So, be careful to click on the first link. Also, read this should not be an ad or something. If this is the right site then you will see once you will click on the link the home page is displayed to you. From here you will be able to see 

Step4: Download Youtube Music To Mp3 File

It is the one of the most important step from your hand. In this you ae having the option to download the mp3 file. But before clicking to the download option you need to click to the download option from there you will be able to get the file. You need to choose the different options first like for the audio file you can select the size, quality and the other things. 

However, this is the last step and you are ready to get the link. There is an option at the bottom from where you can get the download link also. It is useful for you if you want to share the download link with your friends. 

But if you are looking for the mp3 file for yourself than this is the direct path. Click on the download icon and get the music. In the HD quality. 

Special Tip To Download Youtube Music To Mp3 File For Free

If you are thinking to get the mp3 cile for free. Than it is a good thing for you tha this youtube to mp3 converter is the free one for you. For this you don’t have to get any kind of the subscription or anything. Thus, you will be able to get the premium services for free. So, get the audio file in no cost.


These are the simple steps which you should follow to get the audio file to your device. Thus you will be able to get the audio file in the HD quality. It is the simple way for you to have all the prime services. The best thing is that this same method is implement to the other different devices alo. So, you dont have to choose rhe different method for them.

There is a link option which you can share with your friends so that they will also be able to get the audio file. And to them also no need to login or face any kind of the ad or any popup messages there. Just by using this you will be able to get the video permanently to your device.

How To Download Youtube Music To Mp3 File For Free online on Youtube to Mp3

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