How To Convert Youtube Mp4 File To Mp3

How To Convert Youtube Mp4 File To Mp3
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There are different pros and cons to downloading the mp4 file. The mp4 file is the really good one but if you want to watch the movie or any kind of other things. But in case it’s about music or something then you will also prefer to listen to them. But how you can convert a video or an mp4 file from youtube to the mp3? Here, is the easy way to convert it and listen to the music from the background and this is for free to you. 

Also, you have seen that there are different options to check the storage which the audio or the video file will take. You can check that first, on our site, there is an option to check out by clicking on the three dots. From there you can also compress the file so that it will take less amount of storage. So, that it will be easy for you to have the maximum music on your device. 

Go To The Youtube

To get The audio file of the youtube first you should have the youtube video. For this phone, there are two options. The first one is to have the link by using the application. This is how you will be able to get the same video. Secondly, you can also choose the website by going to the browser. From there you will be able to get the link for the video.

So, simply go to youtube and search for the name of the video or the song which you want to download. You will see when you go to the search bar of youtube and type the name there are different results coming there. From them, you have to choose the right one first. In case this time the same video is not displaying to you so you can also go to the history. From there you will be able to get the same video from the history.

Get The Link To the Youtube Video

Now when the youtube video is started you have to get the link to the video. For this first, you need to pause the video so that you will be able to copy the link without any kind of interruption. Go to the bottom and there is an option for the copy link from there you can copy the link. 

If you have not paused the video and there is any kind of ad is coming then also there is no impact on the link of the video. You can copy the link now also. Once the link is copied now you are ready to move to the next step. 

Open The Browser And Search Youtube To MP3 Converter

In this step, you need to open the browser which you are using on a regular basis. For the phone, we can also choose google, or chrome so that you will be able to have a secure collection. Once you will click on google you will see there is a search bar where you need to type the name. 

Youtube to mp3 converter, when you will search this there are many options that will come there in front of you. First, you should be careful that you have chosen the right site so that for free you will be able to get the mp3 file for free. 

There are many ad results also displayed to you. Mostly they are paid sites and needed to take a subscription or something to get you the file. To check whether you have clicked on the right site or not you need to scroll down from the ad. Then you will see there is the first site is our site. There you can download the music file, and this is for free.

Now Go To The Search Icon Of The Site

Once you have chosen our site. You will see there is a search bar just like when we are opening google and getting a search icon. Just like that, there is the search bar where is the option written in a light font. 

There you have to paste the link so that you can convert the video. Now you will see there is the option of three dots which is having the option to select the quality file size and many more. From there first, you can check all the things and especially focus on the file size. In case you find the file size is too high so there is also an option to compress the file which will help you to reduce the size. Thus you will be able to save the internal storage. 

Click To The Download Option

Now you have done all the essential things. There is a preview of the video you can check that also so that you can have an idea. Whether this is the same video or not. Once all things are set click once on the download icon. Then you will see the downloading is getting started which is also displayed in the notification. When the file is downloaded completely you can click on it and you will be able to list the music which you have downloaded. 

In case you feel the audio quality is having some issue or something. Then you need to check the quality of the audio file because sometimes when we are reducing the file size so much that it is decreasing the quality too. So, you need to increase the quality to get an excellent-quality audio file. 


This is how in a simple manner you are able to download the youtube video to an mp3 file. And for this same method, you can also download the playlist with the file size your wish. 

In case you are finding a quality issue try to increase the file size. Or to check the quality of the audio in the youtube video. Because sometimes this can happen that the video is not having HD quality. 

Convert Youtube Mp4 File To Mp3 on Youtube to MP3

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